Too Fast for Conditions Traffic Ticket

reckless drivingToo Fast for Conditions is when you travel at a speed which is not prudent for the surrounding conditions. This is different than a normal speeding ticket because the speed limit is not the issue. You get this type of ticket what the conditions dictate that you should reduce your speed lower than the speed limit in order to drive safely.

An officer will look at a variety of conditions when determining whether this ticket is warranted. The most common is weather. Road conditions like snow, ice, or standing water make a lower speed a good idea. Likewise, poor visibility like fog or a torrential snow/rain storm would also make speed below the speed limit prudent.

Obviously, the exact speed at which it is prudent in certain conditions is quite subjective. An officer normally will only issue a ticket when it is a blatant miscalculation by the driver. Driving 60 mph hour – even if you are in an SUV – when there are several inches of snow on the ground is not a good idea. Most commonly, an officer will issue this type of tickets after accidents occur.

If the officer determines conditions played a role in causing the accident and had there been a lower speed, the accident could have been avoided, they will normally issue a too fast for conditions ticket. For example, if you spin out on a patch of ice, they may issue you the ticket. Even if you did not see the ice, obviously it is cold outside so you were put on notice that ice was a possibility.

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