Stop Sign Violation Traffic Ticket

Physical Control ViolationEveryone knows that when you come to a stop sign that you are supposed to stop. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what it means to “stop.” We are talking about a full and complete stop. A “California Roll” does not count.

Furthermore, you need to stop at the proper location. There are is a specific location that you must stop depending on the configuration of the intersection. If there is a stop line (the single big white line that crosses the lane) then you are supposed to stop at it – meaning, the front of your car is not to go beyond it.

If there is no stop line but there is a marked cross walk, then you are required to stop with your front of the car behind the front edge of the crosswalk. If there is neither a crosswalk nor a stop line, then you must come to a complete stop as soon as you have a clear vantage point of traffic approaching and crossing the intersection.

The key point that needs to be made is you do not stop literally at the stop sign. Instead, you stop at the sign’s stop line, cross walk, or the nearest point for a clear view of traffic.

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