Speeding Traffic Ticket

driving ticketA Speeding ticket is the most common ticket that individuals receive and often, the most frustrating. First of all, a speeding ticket is an infraction, not a crime. In some other states, a speeding ticket is a crime but that has not been the case in Washington for decades. This is both good and bad.

The good thing is that you will not have a criminal conviction on your record if you are found to have been speeding. The bad news is because it is not a crime, the prosecutor’s burden of proof against you is much lower. Meaning, it is a lot easier to get a judge to agree that you committed an infraction versus a crime.

Additionally, there is no intent requirement when it comes to speeding. This means that you did not have to mean to speed. Even if you accidentally zoned out and went above the limit that is still considered speeding. Another point of contention with many people is they feel they were not going as fast as what the officer claimed.

The problem is whether you were only going 1 mph over the limit or 20 over the limit, both are still illegal and you can get a ticket. So if your argument is that you were only going 5 mph over the limit and not 15 mph over the limit, the Judge will find that you have committed the infraction of speeding but might reduce the fine amount.

There are three key ways that officers determine speed.

  1. Speed Measuring Device – This means a RADAR gun or a LIDAR gun. A RADAR gun uses radar technology while a LIDAR gun uses laser technology. Each device has certain benefits and strengths, along with weaknesses.
  2. Pace – This is when the officer attempts to match the speed of your vehicle with his vehicle. Once both cars are traveling at the same speed, then he can determine the speed by simply looking at his own speedometer.
  3. Airplane – This is the least used method and is very rarely used in the Puget Sound Area. Speed is determined by an officer in an airplane who uses a stop watch to time how fast vehicles travel between markings on the road below. Those speeds are then radioed to another officer on the ground that stops you and issues the ticket.

Whether you have speeding ticket for going 5 mph over the limit or 20 mph over the limit, it is important to fight all tickets. It is far easier to keep a clean record clean than it is to rehabilitate a bad record. Contact the Law Offices of Jason Newcombe to protect your record and wallet.

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