An Everett Racing Charge Should Never Be Taken Lightly!

racingMany people make the mistake of treating a criminal racing charge in Snohomish County as something no more serious than an egregious traffic infraction. This is not true. Street racing in Everett is a serious crime with severe repercussions. And, if you're caught racing on the streets of Everett by a police officer you could be in a lot of trouble.

Our Everett criminal lawyers want you to understand your legal rights and options when it comes to racing charges This crime most frequently charged as reckless driving pursuant to Washington State’s driving laws. Washington State's criminal racing statute specifically references reckless driving and states that if you are racing, then you are also driving recklessly.

The statute can be difficult to understand. But, this isn't difficult to understand. An Everett racing conviction will result in your Washington driver's license being suspended, and you will be required to carry expensive high-risk auto insurance, also called SR-22 insurance, for three years. Additionally, an Everett racing conviction could incur discretionary penalties of up to 364 days in jail and $5,000 in fines.

Our Everett racing lawyers are experienced legal professionals that will help you build an aggressive defense strategy, and protect your legal rights. We always work on your behalf to minimize penalties, while helping you move forward with your life as quickly as possible. Sometimes, an Everett racing charge is accompanied by another WA drunk driving crime, and in these cases legal representation becomes even more important.

How is The Crime of Racing Defined in Washington State?

While the definition of “drag racing” or "racing" in Everett might seem obvious to anyone that has ever seen a Hollywood movie, Washington State law defines it as two vehicles engaged in a relative contest of speed. Similar to reckless driving, the law describes street racing in Everett as a person showing a wonton disregard for property and person.

Our Everett criminal driving lawyers will help you get a better understanding of the pertinent laws, and this is especially important if you believe you were charged for this crime unfairly. Our Everett racing attorneys understand that mitigating the penalties is priority-one. They also believe that drag racing charges can almost always be attacked to some degree, but the end result often depends on the police reports and other relevant factors.

Because a Washington racing conviction can be so devastating to a person's life, it is a good idea to talk to one of our Everett racing lawyers without delay. Your driving privileges and your freedom are at stake, so it would be foolish to take any unnecessary chances in regards to your future. Our Everett criminal attorneys have over thirty years of collective experience handling Washington street racing cases, and we are ready to put our extensive knowledge of the law to work for you.

Our Everett Racing Lawyers are Ready to Answer Your Questions

When our Everett criminal law offices handle your driving case, you can be assured that we will work diligently to minimize the penalties associated with the offense, and this obviously includes our drag racing cases. We accomplish this via our decades of criminal driving experience, our knowledge of the racing and reckless driving laws, and by pushing your case to trial if we do not believe that the prosecutor is offering you a fair plea bargain based on the specific facts in circumstances involved in your case. Building a defense always includes a detailed investigation of the facts - something that takes time. We also employ criminal driving experts when necessary.

Being charged with street racing in Everett can leave you feeling lost because there is no way to predict how the whole thing will work out. However, there are factors you can control, such as the timeliness of your won investigation, most of with the assistance of a good criminal lawyer. So, it’s vital that you talk to one of our Everett racing lawyers today.

We offer everyone a cost-free consultation with one of our Everett racing attorneys, which will give you a better understanding of your drag racing charge without making any commitment. Get some information right now, so that you can take a proactive role in resolving your racing case, while staying abreast of important filing and court dates. You don’t want to sit idle at this crucial crossroads in your life – WA reckless driving and racing punishments are swift and punishing, so you need to move quickly in order to ensure the best defense possible.

While there are times that we must force our racing to trial, at other times an Everett racing charge can be successfully resolved and reduced to a traffic infraction through aggressive but pragmatic negotiations with the prosecutor. Obviously, no reputable Everett criminal attorney could ever make any kind of a guarantee when it comes to a charge as serious as racing. But, we have had a lot of success in the past in keeping this kind of criminal charge off our client's permanent driving record.

Either way, our Everett attorneys will be at your side throughout this trying process, ensuring that everything legally possible is being done to minimize the penalties that a conviction will bring about.

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