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Negligent Driving There are really three different types of Negligent Driving. But, one of them is rare. And, there are really one two different degrees of Negligent Driving. Negligent Driving in the First Degree and Negligent Driving in the Second Degree. But, if you are found to have committed the infraction of Negligent Driving in the Second Degree "and he or she proximately causes the death, great bodily harm, or substantial bodily harm of a vulnerable user of a public way", then the driver is subject to certain mandatory penalties, including a 90-day license suspension.

Many people make the mistake of not treating Negligent driving criminal offenses and traffic infractions serious enough. Negligent Driving in the First Degree is a serious criminal charge. It is misdemeanor and carries a potential maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and $1,000 fine.

And, the simple truth is that all of Washington State's Negligent Driving offenses can result in serious consequences if you around guilty. One of the most potentially devastating consequences is a purely financial one. If you are found guilty of having committed a Negligent Driving offense, your insurance rates are very likely to increase dramatically.

These punishments can also range from 100 hours of community service to a 90-day license suspensions to a $5,000 fine. Although, these latter punishments would only apply if you were found to have committed the infraction of Negligent Driving in the Second Degree, with a vulnerable victim having been severely injured as a result of your negligence.

Consulting With An Experienced Negligent Driving Attorneys Is Your Best Move

Everett Courthouse Over the last twenty years, our Everett Negligent Driving attorneys have fought and successfully handled over five hundred criminal driving matters. We know the driving laws of Washington State. And, we know the Snohomish County and the city courts where your case will be heard. We are here to protect you and your statutory and constitutional legal rights.

It is important to discuss your case with an experienced traffic lawyer so you can fully understand what you are facing and its potential consequences. Our Everett Negligent driving lawyers are available for a free consultation now. We will help you to understand how we attack Negligent Driving cases based on the law and specific legal standards that the prosecutor must prove.

The three different types of Negligent Driving are split into two different degrees - there are two different types of Negligent Driving: Negligent Driving 1° (Neg 1) and Negligent Driving 2° (Neg 2). As noted above, Negligent Driving in the First Degree is a misdemeanor, which means that it is a crime. Neg 1 is an actual criminal offense that it punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Negligent Driving 1° is when you drive in a negligent manner which endangers or is likely to endanger persons or property while exhibiting the effects of alcohol consumption. Occasionally, a Neg 1 is charged when drugs or chemicals are involved instead of alcohol. A Neg 1 shares many similarities with a DUI, so an attorney with broad experience is especially helpful.

On the other hand, Negligent driving 2° (Neg 2) is an infraction. This means jail time is not a possibility. There are two different types of Neg 2. The most common is simply Negligent Driving 2° which is punished with a $550 fine. This is the all inclusive fine amount, not to be confused with the base penalty outlined in IRLJ 6.2. A Neg 2 is just like a Neg 1 minus any mention of alcohol, drugs, or chemicals. While a Neg 2 is “only” an infraction, it is the most serious one possible and can have a serious impact on your insurance rates. Hiring an attorney can save you money in the long run by preventing your insurance rates from rising.

The last type of Negligent Driving is 2° with a vulnerable user victim. This is just like a normal Neg 2 except the driving in question is the proximate cause of death, great bodily harm, or substantial bodily harm of a vulnerable user of a public way. A vulnerable user includes bicyclists and pedestrians. Penalties for this infraction can be as severe as a 90-day license suspension and a $5,000 fine. Additionally, there are several potential ways to resolve this type of citation but some are time sensitive. Consulting an attorney as soon as possible is extremely important when facing this type of citation.

No matter what type of Negligent Driving charge you are facing, it is important to consult an experienced criminal traffic attorney as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Jason Newcombe are here to answer your questions by way of a free consultation. While you have many different options, waiting should not be one you consider.

Negligent Driving in Everett is Serious Business

Negligent DrivingWashington State criminal and traffic laws are some of the most punishing in the country, and for the layman they can be difficult to understand. Cases involving Everett negligent driving are especially challenging, because there are two separate charges related to the offense, and each incurs its own penalties according to Washington law. One thing is certain: Both deserve to be treated seriously and expeditiously.

Of the two charges defined under Washington law, first degree negligent driving is the most serious and can be the most damaging. If you are pulled over by a police officer for some reason, and your blood alcohol level is below the legal limit, you may still be charged for first degree Everett negligent driving. These charges are serious and can have lasting repercussions. A conviction could incur penalties that include expensive fines, and the insurance premiums on your vehicle could skyrocket.

This means that you can be charged with Everett negligent driving in the first degree even though you are not physically impaired or intoxicated in any way. Protecting your legal rights is paramount, so you should familiarize yourself with the law in an effort to begin developing a resolute defense. You should take the time to talk to one of our Everett negligent driving attorneys about the details of your case, because this charge is often based solely on the discretion of one police officer - and it's possible that mistakes were made.

Second degree negligent driving may not be a criminal offense, but it is still one of the most serious traffic infractions an Everett driver can face. If a police officer ascertains that you are driving in a way that endangers people or their property, you can be cited for this serious infraction. Often, this leads to a dramatic increase in your auto insurance rates.

Maintaining a clean driving record is important to many of our clients. If this is true in your situation then you should talk to one of our Everett negligent driving lawyers today. We will help you decide whether it's possible and advantageous to fight your ticket.

Our Everett Negligent Driving Attorneys Understand Washington Law

Whether you feel like you were cited for negligent driving in Everett without merit, or you would like to mitigate the penalties associated with the offense, you need to understand the law and how it applies to your case. In Washington State, negligent driving is charged at the discretion of a police officer. This means that there may be a way to defend you against the charges, and resolve your case with expediency. The end result may depend upon the police report pertaining to your case, but when you consider the high costs of a conviction, defending yourself is often your best option.

For more than 30 years collectively our Everett negligent driving lawyers have defended drivers from the undesirable effects of a negligent driving charge, no matter what the severity. We are eager to put our knowledge of Washington State law to work for you, creating an aggressive defense designed to resolve your case.

A Free Case Evaluation Will Give You the Information You Need

Before making any decisions regarding any negligent driving charge, you would probably like to talk to a professional attorney without risk or obligation. Our Everett negligent driving attorneys offer a free case evaluation, designed specifically to provide you with facts based on the law before making any decisions that could dramatically impact your life.

If you choose one of our Everett negligent driving lawyers to represent your interests, they will do everything legally possible to ensure your rights are protected and defend you against negligent driving in the first or second degree.

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