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cannabisPossessing up to an ounce of marijuana in the city of Everett may be legal, but driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana is a very serious criminal offense. A DUI conviction will bring serious consequences that could have a devastating effect on your life.

Our Everett DUI marijuana lawyers have a thorough understanding of Washington law and alleged science behind pot DUI prosecutions. We urge you to treat a marijuana DUI charge just as you would an alcohol-related DUI. You can be sure that every Snohomish County prosecutor will be doing so.

A pot DUI conviction incurs the same exact penalties as an alcohol-related DUI. These severe penalties include up to 364 days in jail and $5,000 fine, and you will also have your driver's license suspended for a minimum of 90 days. You will also be required to obtain a drug and alcohol evaluation and follow any treatment recommendations. There will also be steep fines, costs, and assessments. And, you will probably be put on probation for a minimum of five years.

How do they determine if I was driving while impaired?

If an administered blood test reveals that you were driving with at least .05 nanograms of THC in your bloodstream, you can and mostly likely will be charged with a Washington State pot DUI. Our Everett marijuana attorneys have seen many DUI cases where our client was certain that they were no longer feeling the affects of pot smoked or ingested earlier that day or night when they got behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, this matters not when it comes to whether or not you will be criminally charged. Take it from us, you should immediately do everything possible to minimize the penalties of your marijuana DUI arrest. This starts by getting dedicated legal counsel to help protect your legal rights.

Are Everett police officers allowed to just take my blood without my consent?

If a police offer officer suspects that you are driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of pot, they can call for assistance from a drug recognition expert or DRE. This person's job is to determine whether you've been smoking marijuana, as well as potentially whether or not you have some other drug in your system.

We believe that the drug recognition expert protocols utilized by Washington State law enforcement are imprecise. We also believe that most of the program's protocols are NOT firmly ground in actual science. There's almost always some guesswork involved. Indeed, we believe that these tests are very subjective in nature and often subject to collateral attack.

And, regardless of whether or not a DRE expert has been called in to assist with your investigation, if law enforcement has a good faith reasonable basis to believe that you have been operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana or some other drug, they can contact a judge and request a warrant to have your blood taken and analyzed by the Washington State toxicology lab. And, again, if your blood analysis comes back showing levels of at least .05 nanograms of THC, it is virtually certain that you will charged with driving while impaired.

Every criminal case is unique and requires detailed analysis and investigation.

It's also important to understand that every marijuana driving under the influence case is unique. We literally look for hundreds of potential issues in every case. Our Everett marijuana DUI attorneys always look into the details of every arrest, because there are many times when we believe that the state's “experts” are merely using their own discretion, instead of following proper legal guidelines and actually validated scientific principles.

Our pot DUI lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case in an effort to build an aggressive defense. This requires that we not only examine all of evidence presented by the police, including the information written in their reports, but it also frequently involves our consulting with independent experts.

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Are you having trouble understanding Washington's complex marijuana laws? If so, you are definitely not alone. Our Everett pot lawyers have extensively researched Washington's marijuana DUI laws, and can help you get a better understanding of how the law applies to your particular circumstances.

Our Everett marijuana DUI attorneys have decades of collective experience. During that time we've resolved well over 500 alcohol-related drunk driving crimes, and have been defending persons charged with pot DUIs since the pertinent laws were implemented back in 2012. We really do want you to understand that regardless of what transpired, the situation is not hopeless.

If you retain our marijuana DUI legal services, we will aggressively fight for your interests while doing everything legally possible to have your marijuana-related charge reduced or dismissed. And, if you've already been convicted of a DUI crime in the past, you need to understand that you may be subject to even harsher penalties.

These penalties are dependent on your number of prior convictions and when they occurred. But, make no mistake about it, Washington's mandatory sentencing requirements and penalties for second, third and fourth offenses are very tough. These penalties include multi-year license revocations and a month or more in jail.

Under these circumstances you need to talk to one of our Everett marijuana lawyers without delay. There is no substitute for a head start when gathering evidence to build a defense. This is because our Everett pot lawyers need time to sort through the evidence pertaining to your case, and ascertain the best defense strategy.

Contact our Everett law firm today and find out how you can get help fighting a marijuana DUI, successfully resolving your case, and moving forward with your life.

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