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Department of Licensing HearingsOur Everett criminal driving and Department of Licensing Hearing lawyers will fight to keep you validly licensed and legally able to drive.

Our department of licensing hearing attorneys are well versed in all Washington State suspension matters. Over the last ten years alone, our criminal driving and DUI lawyers have handled hundreds of license suspension cases and administrative hearings with the DOL. For many of our clients, this process begins when they are arrested for drunk driving in Everett or elsewhere in Snohomish County.

This is the Washington State Department of Licensing "Implied Consent" hearing that you have a right to request after being arrested for DUI and either providing a breath sample that is .08 or above or after you have refused to submit to a breath test. Over the last 20 years, our DUI lawyers have handled well over 500 implied consent hearings. We know how to properly prepare for and handle any driving under the influence DOL hearing. The key is to start building your defense and your case as soon as possible after your DUI arrest.

But, we also handle all other department of licensing hearing cases. These include cases where you have had too many criminal driving convictions and are facing a Habitual Traffic Offender suspension by the DOL, which is for seven years. The types of crimes that can lead to being placed into "HTO" status include, DUI, Physical Control, Reckless Driving, Hit and Run Attended, Vehicular Assault, Vehicular Homicide, Driving While License Suspended Second Degree (DWLS 2nd Degree), and Attempting Elude.

Three convictions for any of these offenses within a five-year period will result in an automatic suspension. If you have been found to be a Habitual Traffic Offender, you must meet certain statutory requirements in order to request that your suspension be lifted. And, you must properly request a hearing and then fight to prove that you should have your driving privileges reinstated. If you do not properly challenge your habitual offender status, then the DOL will keep your suspended for the full seven years required by the law.

We also handle cases where our clients have too many traffic tickets and want to appeal the department's finding that they should be suspended. Most of our department of licensing hearing clients, however, are a facing a license suspension due to their arrest for drunk driving. We recommend to every one of our DUI clients that they aggressively fight their DUI DOL hearing. And, it's important to keep in mind that you only have 20 days from the date of your DUI arrest to properly request this hearing and challenge your implied consent hearing.

Your Washington Department of Licensing Hearing is Your First Hurdle

An arrest for an Everett drunk driving crime can immobilize you, but you have to act fast and request a hearing with the Washington Department of Licensing (Washington DOL) if you're to have any hope of keeping your driving license. At your Washington State DOL hearing, the fate of your driving privileges will be decided and the length of the driver's license suspension can vary, depending on the WA drunk driving crime for which you are charged and whether you took or allegedly refused a breath test following your arrest for drunk driving.

After an Everett DUI arrest, if you do not properly challenge the proposed suspension, your driving privileges will almost certainly be suspended or revoked. And, if your driver’s license is suspended, then you will not be able to drive for the term of the suspension unless you obtain a Washington State Ignition Interlock device license (ILL). Fortunately, most of our DUI clients are eligible for an IIL, and we can assist you in not only determining your eligibility, but in securing one as well

When your driver's license is reinstated you will have to obtain high risk (SR-22) auto insurance and keep it for three years - an expensive prospect, for certain. And, again, from the date of your Everett DUI arrest, you have only 20 days to request a Washington DOL hearing with the state. If you want to have any hope of retaining your driving privileges, and most people do, then you need to address this issue of properly requesting a hearing without delay.

At your Department of License Hearing, the judge hearing your case will only consider four basic issues. First, were you validly stopped and arrested for DUI? Second, did the arresting officer have reasonable grounds to believe that you were actually driving under the influence or in physical control of a vehicle? Third, were you properly advised of your implied consent rights? And, fourth, was the breath test in your case properly administered resulting in a reading of above .08 or, alternatively, did you actually refuse to submit to a breath test after it was properly and lawfully requested.

Most Washington residents use their vehicles for daily activities like going to the store, going to work, or shuttling their kids to and from school and after school activities. A driver’s license suspension, for any period of time, will place a heavy burden on your entire family. It could even cost you your job, depending on your employment situation.

Additionally, in order to get our driving privileges reinstated, you will be required to maintain a high risk SR-22 insurance policy for three full years from the date that you are eligible for reinstatement. These policies are very expensive, and many of our DUI clients are shocked when they learn about the rates associated with high risk SR-22 policies.

It makes sense to fight the initial urge towards just wanting to bury your head in the same, and start preparing for your Washington Department of Licensing hearing immediately following your Everett DUI arrest. Don't waste any time; contact one of our Everett DUI attorneys today so that you're prepared to properly fight your first hurdle after a DUI arrest - your Washington DOL hearing.

Preparing for Your Washington State DOL Hearing Takes Adequate Time

Our Everett DUI lawyers need time to build a defense before your Washington DOL hearing - and this is something that takes time. We also typically employ at least one expert in anticipation of your DUI DOL hearing, and this expert needs time to properly review your police reports and other evidence relevant to your case.

One of our department of licensing lawyers will look for errors in the police reports pertaining to your case. And, we will also thoroughly review the calibration records and the maintenance history on the breath test machine that was used when you were arrested. Over the last twenty years, our DUI lawyers have reviewed literally thousand of breath test records in fighting to keep our clients validly licensed and able to legally drive.

If we are lucky, defects in these breath test records or problems with how your test was administered could lead to having your DUI license suspension thrown out or invalidated. And, in some cases, it can even result in your Everett DUI charges being dismissed or reduced. Again, the key to successfully challenging your DUI DOL hearing is start preparing immediately.

Additionally, preparing for your Washington State DOL hearing entails laying the groundwork for the criminal portion of your case, which is a huge advantage in the long run. When you eventually appear in court, we will already have a defense strategy in place, and your DUI attorney will ensure that your legal rights are being acknowledged by the court and the prosecutor.

Don't Waste Any Time - Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation

If you've been arrested for an Everett drunk driving crime, then you undoubtedly have a lot of worry and doubt running through your mind. Your Washington State DOL hearing request deadline will be here in the blink of an eye, so contact us right now for a free case evaluation and get a head start on an aggressive defense.

Our free consultation offer means you can get some answers to your most urgent questions without spending a dime. Afterwards, you can choose whether to retain one of our legal professionals. Doing so will prompt them to start investigating your Everett DUI case, so that your Washington State DOL defense is ready well before your hearing.

It would be unwise to take any chances when it comes to your driving privileges. Contact one of our professional Everett DUI department of licensing hearing attorneys today, and they will do everything legally possible to keep you validly licensed in the state of Washington.

Let one of our experienced and aggressive DOL lawyers fight to keep you from having your driving privileges suspended or revoked following a DUI arrest.

We want to keep you validly licensed and legally driving!

Our Everett criminal lawyers serve all of Snohomish County. Call now for help and real answers.

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Mr. Newcombe is an amazing lawyer. My DUI case seemed hopeless. But, he was relentless and just kept fighting and fighting. Right when all hope had seemed lost, we brainstormed and came to a conclusion that helped my case tremendously! I couldnt be happier with choosing Jason as my attorney.
Jason has successfully contested and won 3 of my family's traffic tickets. His customer service is incredible and he even called me personally to tell me the outcome of the judge's decision. I would highly recommend Jason Newcombe to anyone in need of an attorney.
Mr. Newcombe is a fantastic lawyer. When I first called his offices, I didn't know where to turn. I was facing a crazy criminal charge, and he ended up getting it completely dismissed. I cannot thank him and his staff enough. They will fight, not just roll over and try to get you to take a deal. I highly recommend him!
Jason Newcombe and his Associate's are all top notch individuals who will fight tooth and nail for you and go the distance to ensure that you receive the best outcome possible on your case. I would not be where I am today if not for the Law offices of Jason Newcombe.